A FishForLife project team, coordinated by Dr. Istvan Falka, conducted a new scientific fishing campaign on Gilort River and its main tributaries between 15 and 17 July, 2019. The action is part of A3 action - Survey of the population status of target fishes and macroinvertebrate species in Gilort River.

Target species of the project were identified among the species captured by electrofishing and released, namely the Golden spined loach (Sabanejewia aurata), the Brook Lamprey (Eudontomyzon mariae), the White-Finned Gudgeon (Gobio albipinnatus) and the Mediterranean Barbel (Barbus meridionalis). Some of the fishing points were: upstream the confluence of Gilort and Ciocadia Rivers, near the bridge on DN67, at Doseni, at Targu Carbunesti threshold, but also on Galbenul River. Also, in order to identify the species that may climb due to the achievement of fish thresholds, the project team has also fished in Socu and Capu' Dealului, both points being downstream from Targu Carbunesti threshold.

Below you can see a photo gallery from the scientific fishing campaign.


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