The ecological education actions carried out within the local communities in the implementation areas of the Fish for Life project continued during the vacation period, through a partnership concluded with the Summer School organized at the Novaci Town Hall. Together we held lessons in nature, under the theme of Life on the Gilort River, with the help of the coordinating teachers: Elena Basaraba and Cosmin Covrig. Also, representatives of parents joined us on both days of activities. Participating students had the opportunity to attend an ichthyology lesson organized right on the course of the Gilort river, in collaboration with the specialist of the Gorj County Environmental Protection Agency, Falka Istvan. The children were delighted to observe and learn about the fish species that live in the Gilort River Natura 2000 Site, what they feed on, what their lifestyle is, which of them need conservation measures and what they consist of.

On the second day of activities, an excursion was organized along the Gilort River, over a distance of approximately 2 km, starting from the CHEMP Novaci 1 micro-hydropower plant. On this occasion, children noticed a catchment threshold built on the course water, they understood how it affects the life of the fish and what are the methods approached for the arrangement of the migration passages that we build within the Fish for Life project.

The trip continued with the observation of the flora and fauna on Gilort and with a lesson given by one of the coordinating teachers, regarding sport fishing for trout (what baits are allowed, what is the period in which fishing can be done, what documents and equipment are required and, last but not least, what is poaching). One of the participating parents took the children to lesser-known places on the Gilort river, where he himself had spent his childhood holidays. Children listened delightedly to the stories about the days spent bathing, about the multitude of fish that lived decades ago in the waters of the Gilort and that constituted an important part of the food for the local community.

Along the route, both alongside and through the Gilort riverbed, students were reminded of the rules they must follow when visiting a Natura 2000 site, how to organize picnics and hikes responsibly and with respect for nature. The trip ended with a greening action.

It was two days in which children learned many things about the flora and fauna of the area where they live, about the importance of their conservation for the benefit of the community they belong to. They combined the advantages of some non-formal lessons with the joy of being in nature, as well as cooling off in the waters of Gilort. Students participating in the Summer School activities were, for the most part, winners of the competition organized during May, at Pociovaliștea School - Novaci, with the celebration of 30 years of the Life Program -

How delighted the children were during these two days spent on the shores but also in the waters of Gilort, can best be seen in the images below.


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