Through conservation efforts in the Gilort River Natura 2000 site, we want to build a community of nature lovers along the Gilort and Galbenul rivers together with you. In addition to the specific conservation activities within the Fish for Life project, the construction of migration passages for fish, the restoration of riparian corridors by planting trees along the river or the arrangement of microhabitats in the minor river bed, we aim to revive local pride and the desire to change in well where we live. The local stories, the history of the fishing parties on the rivers of the Gilort basin, the delicacies cooked by our grandparents or the bathing memories of you, the residents along the Gilort and Galben, all help to reconnect with nature and appreciate the local natural values.

As part of the Fish For Life project, we propose to create some thematic routes along the Gilort River, with an educational role, dedicated especially to children and young people. Such an interactive route is a good opportunity for the teachers of biology, geography and more to do outdoor lessons (eg during Green Week). We are thinking of a marked trail that includes a series of interactive information panels related to the biodiversity of the area, the protected species that live in the river meadow, but also information about our project (e.g. the two fish passages - role, mode of operation, etc. .) and about the Natura 2000 site Gilort River.

So our request for you is to share with us the most beautiful places on Gilort, between Pociovaliștea and Târgu Cărbunești, possible secular monuments or trees, but also cultural-artistic and even gastronomic events that take place throughout the year in the communities along Gilort.

Let's find together the beauty of the Gilort meadow!

Please leave us your suggestions either in the comments on this article or on our Facebook page. Thank you.

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