Southern Barbel

Southern barbel (Barbus meridionalis):

The Bluish-grey Barbel is a medium sized fish (at maturity it reaches 10-17 cm long), it has round elongated body, big head, small eyes and long, prominent mouth. The back is bluish-grey, the sides and the belly are silver. It has two pairs of mustaches, one shorter at the tip of the mouth and another longer at the corners of the mouth.
It lives in the rivers and streams of the mountain region, downstream of the trout distribution area, and in the upper part of the hilly region. It can be found both in stony, fast and cold rivers, as well as in some more muddy waters in the mountain area. It prefers areas of rivers with strong streams and rocky bottom.

Conservation Status::

The Conservation status of the species is favorable, the area of this species is constantly expanding.