The common nase or sneep:

The Cobbler (Chondrostoma nasus) is a species found in mountain waters, the hilly area and the Danube. It lives on the bottom of cold waters with not muddy botton, with gravel. It circulates in groups, its presence can be observed due to the silver shine that spreads in the water when the sun shines.

The Cobbler is a species of economic interest, loved by athletic fishermen and part of culinary traditions (one of the most popular recipes is cobbler stew).

Hydrotechnical works on the Gilort River, such as the construction of the spill threshold at the Targu-Carbunesti Bridge, have interrupted the migration of the cobbler upstream.

Through the actions to restore the Gilort River's longitudinal connectivity within the Fish for Life project, such as the construction of two fish passage thresholds at Albeni and Targu Carbunesti, the species will be able to migrate upstream, thus contributing to the recovery of the cobbler population of the Natura 2000 site Gilort River.

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