Golden Spined Loach

Golden spined loach (Sabanejewia aurata):

A species characteristic of the large plain waters, it lives in quiet sandy, clay or rocky places, or between the roots of the shore. The Golden spined loach has a length of 5-10 cm, the body is relatively short, tall and thick, with an arched back. On the back it has 5-8 rectangular spots, dark, with golden reflections, alternating with 5-8 narrower spaces, sandy - yellow, sometimes reddish, which also extend on the sides. The sides have between 6 and 11 more or less rectangular spots. The belly is silvery white or purple-white in the young specimens.

The ecological needs for the survival of this species consist of clean rivers, well-oxygenated waters with sandy substrates or a mixture of sand and gravel.

Conservation Status::

The Danube fish has an unfavorable (inadequate) conservation status, the area being in decline.