Intervention Area

Fish for Life Project will be implemented within Natura 2000 site Gilort River, which is located in Gorj County, in Getic Subcarpathians, on the administrative territory of Albeni, Bengesti, Bumbesti Pitic, Novaci and Targu Carbunesti.

Natura 2000 site Gilort River covers a part of Gilort River, a wet area in the continental biogeographic region. The site spreads along Gilort River on a 19 km distance, from Pociovalistea in the North, to Doseni in the South. Near the Northern boundary, the site includes approximately 3.5 km from Galbenu River.

The site was established to protect community interest species, whose existence depends on conservation of aquatic ecosystems. Among the species, we can find the Otter (Lutra lutra), the Yellow-Bellied Toad (Bombina variegata) and fish species such as Eudontomyzon mariae (Brook Lamprey) and Sabanejewia aurata (Golden Spined Loach), endemic fish species.

Natura 2000 is an ecological network of protected areas that aims to ensure a favorable conservation status of the most important habitat and species types in Europe. Human activities are allowed in Natura 2000 sites, provided they maintain the habitats and species of Community importance in a good condition.

Although Gilort River is one of the rivers in Oltenia less affected by human activities, there are still a number of threats that endanger the habitats and species in this area. Hydrotechnical works that interrupt the river's longitudinal connectivity, sand and gravel exploitation works, massive cutting of meadow forests, bank erosion or negative attitudes regarding the environment are issues that need to be addressed within site Natura 2000 Gilort River.

Key species fromsite Natura 2000 Gilort River