EPA Gorj, in collaboration with project partners – Invisible Nature and Bucharest University (CCMESI) – organized a first meeting with stakeholders from Natura 2000 Gilort River site between October 31 and November 1, 2018.

Among the institutions attending the event, the following are included: Gorj County Council, Jiu Water Basin Administration, Gorj Water Management Company, Targu Jiu National Road Company, Roman Railways Craiova, National Environmental Protection Agency, Bumbesti-Pitic, Bengesti-Ciocadia and Targu Carbunesti town halls. At this meeting there also participated

The first session of the meeting included presentations from the project implementation team:

  • Presentation of Fish for LIFE project, Nicolae Calma, Project Manager, EPA Gorj;
  • Presentation of the species targeted by the project and their food and habitat needs, as well as the current situation of the project implementation area, Istvan Falka, Biologist (right photo);
  • Presentation of the results of focus groups organized with representatives of the communities in the project implementation area, Marius Matache, Responsible for Communication.

Starting from the aforementioned presentations, there followed a series of free discussions on the species that are subject of Fish For Life project, as well as the added value of the project for local communities.

The second session was a technical discussion with the stakeholders directly involved in the areas where the works will be carried out (left photo). The discussions were aimed at identifying the optimal ways of inter-institutional collaboration and drawing up the documentation and obtaining the necessary permits for carrying out the works of ecological reconstruction.

The second day of the event included the field application, with the visit to the two sites hosting the fish passageways from Targu Carbunesti and Albeni. Also, a demonstration of scientific fishing took place on Blahnita River, a tributary of the Gilort River. There are pictures from the second day of the event in the gallery below (we invite you to follow us on the project facebook page).

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