The project implementation team conducted a series of meetings with representatives of local communities from the area of Natura 2000 Gilort River site between 12 and 13 March 2018.

Representatives of the Environment Protection Agency Gorj, Invisible Nature and the University of Bucharest (CCMESI) discussed with local authorities in Albeni, Bumbesti - Pitic, Bengesti - Ciocadia and Novaci, as well as representatives of local communities (teachers, priests and so on) .

The meetings aimed at identifying representative community members to participate in the focus groups to be organized in the localities of the Fish for Life project. The results of focus groups will serve to develop the communication strategy and adapt the educational activities of the project to local specificities and needs. The meetings also contributed to characterizing the socio-economic context in which the project shall be implemented in order to maximize the efficiency of the communication and awareness activities of the local population and, implicitly, the achievement of the project objectives.


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