Gorj Environmental Protection Agency, in collaboration with the project partners - Invisible Nature and University of Bucharest (CCMESI), conduct between 30-31.10.2019, starting at 10.30 o'clock, a meeting with the actors from the area of Natura 2000 River Gilort. The meeting is organized as part of the FISH FOR LIFE project - Restoration of migration corridors and habitats for rheophilic fish species in Gilort River, LIFE16 NAT / RO / 000778.

The purpose of the meeting is related to the conservation needs of Ichthiofauna species from Gilort River and to the measures that are intended to be implemented for this purpose within Fish For Life project, in particular Actions C2. Instream habitat restoration measures execution on Gilort river and C3. Ensure stream bank stabilization and buffer strips establishment at key reaches in Gilort river. During Thursday, October 31, a field study visit took place, with the aim of identifying areas with naturally altered processes in which actions of ecological reconstruction and improvement of aquatic fish habitats status can be implemented. FishForLife, în special Acțiunile C2. Implementarea unor măsuri de restaurare a habitatelor pe râul Gilort și C3. Stabilizarea albiei pe râul Gilort în punctele cheie. În cursul zilei de joi, 31 octombrie, a avut loc o vizită de studiu în teren, având ca țintă identificarea unor zone cu procese naturale alterate în care se pot implementa acțiuni de reconstrucție ecologică și îmbunătățirea stării habitatelor acvatice pentru pești.

The success of some biodiversity conservation measures of ecological restoration depends on the support received from local communities. Therefore, we want the owners of the lands located within Natura 2000 site Gilort River to join us and to collaborate for the common good in the area. Marius Matache, responsible with communication within Fish For Life project.

The meeting will benefit from the participation of representatives of local and central authorities (town halls from the site area, environmental authorities) and administrator of protected areas in the country. The event will take place in Ranca resort in Gorj County, at the hotel Taverna Olteanului. Further information can be obtained from the project secretariat: Robert Largeanu, responsible with communication, e-mail: apm.gorj@gmail.com or phone: 0722404073.


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