Gorj Environmental Protection Agency, in collaboration with Invisible Nature and University of Bucharest (CCMESI), organized a meeting with the local authorities, decision makers and local communities from Natura 2000 site Gilort River, on 30 and 31 October 2019.

Restoration of migration corridors and habitats for rheophilic fish species in Gilort River LIFE16 NAT / RO / 000778. The project aims to restore the connectivity of Gilort River and to improve the diversity of habitats for rheophilic fish species (species living in flowing waters).

The purpose of the meeting was to establish a framework of dialogue between the actors involved to facilitate the actions of ecological reconstruction to be implemented, namely measures to restore the habitats and to stabilize Gilort riverbed in key points. Last but not least, awareness of all the decision makers regarding the benefits of the actions proposed in the project for the protected fish species and for the integrated management of Gilort River and the benefits brought to the local communities.

The event included a series of presentations made by the project implementation team, but also discussions on working groups, depending on the participants' profile (legal procedures regarding the implementation of ecological reconstruction actions within the project, ecological reconstruction actions within the project, collaboration in conservation actions).

On the second day of the meeting, there was a study visit on the field, which aimed to identify some areas with natural alteration processes on Gilort River, where actions of ecological restoration and improvement of the status of aquatic fish habitats can be implemented.

Among the institutions represented at the event, there were the National Agency for Environmental Protection, the National Agency for Protected Areas, the Ministry of Environment, Romanian Waters Administration, Gorj County Council, the Bumesti-Pitic and Bengesti-Ciocadia Town Halls, but also the administrator and custodians of some protected areas.

More images from the event can be seen in the photo gallery below. We invite you to follow the Fish For Life project Facebook page.

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