On Wednesday, July 1, 2020, a work meeting took place between Fish For Life project implementation team and SGA Gorj representatives. The meeting focused on the ecological reconstruction works provided in action C3. Ensure stream bank stabilization and buffer strips establishment at key reaches in Gilort river. After a detailed presentation held by Dr. Cristian Tetelea, the subsequent discussions focused on issues such as: C3. Stabilizarea albiei pe râul Gilort în punctele cheie. După o prezentare detaliată realizată de Dr. Cristian Tetelea, discuțiile ulterioare au vizat aspecte precum:

  • standardization of the terminology used in relation to the works (sometimes the terms may differ from one institution to another - basins along the river, fast waters or rapids, trees embedded and/or drowned in the riverbed;
  • the location of the works along the river and the selection criteria of the ecological reconstruction areas; category of ecological reconstruction works - restoration of some aspects regarding the river's functionality and / or improvement for the river habitats
  • technical solutions proposed (design, amount of works);
  • hydraulic calculations for optimal operation of works or for ensuring the stability of works at high flows.

SGA Gorj

The feedback received from SGA Gorj representatives was very positive, with appreciation for the innovative solutions proposed by the Fish For Life team for Romania. Last but not least, the next steps to be taken to obtain the necessary approvals (eg necessary documents, responsible institutions, etc.) were discussed.

The ecological reconstruction works foreseen within Natura 2000 site Gilort river follow several directions of action:

  • restoring the connectivity of the forest vegetation along the rivers by actions of planting specific forest vegetation;
  • carrying out works in the riverbed to maintain and improve the natural processes of the river, that also contribute to maintainig / restoring the river natural habitats;
  • implementation of works to reduce riverbanks erosion, which can restore the specific natural habitats of the river.

The works are based on the integrated analysis of Gilort River, in order to define the current conditions of the river and the necessary measures for the restoration of the natural habitats of protected species from Natura 2000 site Gilort River, carried out by Invisible Nature. The report includes hydrological analyzes and measurements, morphological measurements and analyzes, inventory of riparian vegetation, conservation status assessment for fish species of Community interest and assessment of water quality based on aquatic invertebrates and biotic parameters. Last but not least, the historical analysis regarding Gilort riverbed occupying.

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