The Gorj Environmental Protection Agency organized between 23 and 25 June 2021 a series of educational events dedicated to children from schools in Bălcești (Bengești - Ciocadia commune) and Albeni. The first of them took place on Wednesday, June 23, 2021, the specialists of EPA Gorj, in collaboration with the teachers of the school in Albeni, offered the students a biology and ecology lesson directly in the middle of nature. Thus, during the trip on the shore of Gilort there were discussed with children the rules to be respected in a protected area (Natura 2000 Gilort River site in particular), but also about the Fish For Life project and what changes it will bring to their community. Some pictures from the meeting are available below.

The second activity took place on Friday, June 25, 2021, at the school in Bălcești, on the occasion of the closing ceremony of the school year. Students coordinated by teachers and supported by a team from the Gorj Environmental Protection Agency prepared a sketch - The Story of Gilort - which tried to convey to the public of parents, teachers and local authorities a message about the importance of Natura 2000 sites, but also which are the main activities of the Fish for Life project, focusing on the benefits to the environment and the community. The joy of the children (the holidays were starting, right?) And their active involvement was captured in the images below.

The activities were organized within the LIFE project "Restoration of migration corridors and habitats for rheophilic fish species in the Gilort River" - Fish for Life. Collaboration with local communities is a priority for achieving the conservation objectives, so the Fish For Life team is constantly trying to involve the inhabitants of the Natura 2000 Gilort River site and its vicinity in various awareness activities. Also, to work with local and central authorities to improve the integrated management measures applied on the Gilort River

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