The works for arranging the overflow threshold from Târgu Cărbunești have reached an important point, with the completion of the central passageway for the migration of fish. The central passageway is about 24 meters long, 7 meters wide and was designed and built as a "ladder with vertical slots", with a length of 64 meters, which includes 22 pools delimited by vertical slots.

After the completion of this passageway and of an embankment ramp nailed in concrete, as a secondary passageway, on the right bank, the course of the Gilort River was diverted to the right bank to follow how the two passageways work. In addition, after the diversion of water, work will continue on the left bank by stabilizing and rebuilding the gabions downstream of the overflow threshold. After the restoration of the gabions, the riverbed will be recalibrated, both upstream and downstream, and the flow will be directed on the central passageway. The works for arranging the overflow threshold from Târgu Cărbunești are due for completion in April 2022, but the builder is making efforts to complete in the autumn of this year the works planned to take place in the Gilort riverbed.

The arrangement of the overflow threshold from the bridge on DN67B, from Târgu Cărbunești, was necessary to allow the passage of fish upstream. The existing overflow threshold was almost 4 m high, which is why the fish of the species targeted by the project could not cross it. The works of arranging this threshold have an essential role in restoring the longitudinal connectivity on the Gilort river.

You can see more images with the completed passageway in the photo gallery below


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