As we announced in a series of previous articles, but also on the project's Facebook page, in the area of the Gilort River Natura 2000 site, a series of afforestation and ecological reconstruction works are being carried out as part of the Fish For Life project. Thus, on November 10, the works aimed at planting saplings on the banks of the Gilort river, in the area of the Bengești-Ciocadia commune, were started. The objectives of these afforestation activities are to restore the connectivity of the riparian forests along the river and ensure the stabilization of the banks and the creation of buffer strips. Among the species used are alder, poplar and willow.

The total area to be planted is 3.09 hectares. Some images of the first planting session can be found in the gallery below.

Also, on August 1, the order was given to start ecological reconstruction works in the riverbed and to fix the banks. The first works will be carried out on the Galbenu river (in the area of the village of Bălcești, Bengesti-Ciocadia commune) and consist of the construction of micro-sluices (photo below), made of large boulders arranged in a horseshoe shape, the placement of large clusters of boulders , both measures aimed at creating small pools that function as habitats and refuge areas for fish species. Also, a series of large stones will be placed randomly, with the aim of increasing the variability of local water currents and the formation of micro-habitats of quiet water areas.

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