Realizarea pasajului pentru pești de la Albeni reprezintă un obiectiv cu importanță socială și ecologică pentru situl Natura 200 Râul Gilort și unul dintre cele mai importante obiective ale proiectului Fish for Life. Așa cum am informat în trecut pe pagina noastră, construcția pasajului de la Albeni a fost afectată de fenomenele naturale produse pe râul Gilort. Acestor fenomene naturale li s-au adăugat o serie de evenimente administrative care au blocat acțiunile noastre de refacere a pasajului.

Therefore, we would like to inform the general public about the current situation of the work on the bridge passage over the Gilort River, by a brief account of the facts in their chronological order and without drawing conclusions.

According to the legislation in force, the construction of the passage started with the realization of a feasibility study. It was contracted in October 2018 through a public direct purchase procurement on the SEAP platform. Based on the feasibility study, the technical project and the execution of the works were put out to tender. Following the public tender, the contract was signed in December 2019, with a deadline of 17 months to complete the works. The order to start the works was given on 07.08.2020, with 2 intermediate receptions being carried out.

In January 2021, at a time when the works were being carried out in a proportion of approximately 90%, a flood wave was recorded on the Gilort River, with a flow rate of 187 mc/s. This caused major damage to the passage, with 80-90% of it destroyed. The Gorj County Committee for Emergency Situations drew up a calamity report (Decision no. 20/23.02.2021).Hotărâre nr.20/23.02.2021).

Between April 14 and October 5, 2021, several working meetings were held between APM Gorj and the contractor's representatives with the aim of finding solutions to restore the technical project and the fish passage. In addition, assiduous correspondence was carried out with the contractor in this regard, requesting APM Gorj to pay the costs of restoring the passage.

Also, at the request of APM Gorj, a technical expertise was carried out, concluded in August 2021, in order to identify the causes of the damage to the passage.

On October 5, 2021, the contractor informed APM Gorj through an official address that it is unilaterally terminating the contract for the construction of the passage in the town of Albeni (two days before the date of handing over the work).

Following the recommendations received from ANPM and MMAP and the response received from the law firm as a result of the verification of the contract regarding the construction of the migration passage in the town of Albeni, it was decided to compel the contractor to pay compensation through the courts. In this sense, on November 5, 2021, APM Gorj informed the contractor of the termination of the contract and on November 19, 2021, he submitted the action in court for the recovery of the damage.

The court also decided to carry out a judicial expertise, the final objectives of which will be established by the deadline of 22.02.2023. After this term, the designated expert will summon all the parties involved in the crossing to the site, respectively to the migration passage in the town of Albeni. Completion of the expertise is estimated for the first part of 2023, provided that it is not contested by one of the parties involved. Later, the execution of the work to restore the passage will be put out to tender. Thus, in order to be able to implement the works to restore the passage from Albeni following the new technical solution, the Fish for Life project was extended with the agreement of the European Commission by 30 months.

In this context, a series of activities were carried out to attract new sources of funding for the restoration of the passage. Sponsorships were obtained from OMV Petrom and ISPH S.A. which contributed to the identification of a new technical solution within a new Technical Project (completed in September 2022) and the updating of the Feasibility Study (received in December 2022).

The updating of the SF was approved by the Technical-Economic Commission within APM Gorj, at this moment we are in the phase of obtaining all the necessary authorizations and approvals. Afterwards, the SF will be sent to ANPM and MMAP for approval in the Technical-Economic Approval Committees.

The new technical solution chosen requires additional financial efforts from the coordinating beneficiary of the Fish for Life project. APM Gorj is trying to legally recover the sums spent on the first version of the passage. The process, however, is a long one and, based on the calamity report issued by Gorj Prefecture, we are not certain of a favorable solution.

Depending on the evolution of the judicial expertise, we estimate that in the second half of 2023 it will be possible to start the works to restore the passage from Albeni.

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