A new scientific fishing campaign took place between August 7-11, on the Gilort River and its tributaries: Galbenu, Blahnita and Ciocadia. The project team involved in this action was coordinated by the specialist in ichthyology, Dr. Adrian Ionașcu. Scientific fishing represents an extremely important stage that is the basis of the monitoring of the fish and macroinvertebrate population, after the implementation of the ecological reconstruction measures on the Gilort River.

The scientific fishing campaign was carried out by electrofishing and releasing the captured specimens. The team involved in this extremely laborious and demanding activity spent around twelve hours, daily, covering hundreds of meters of the river at each of the 21 points established along the Gilort, in the localities of Novaci, Bengești-Ciocadia, Bumbești-Pițic , Albeni and Târgu Carbunești. After capture, each specimen was identified and measured and subsequently released.

Specimens of the project's target fish species, namely the golden spined loach (Sabanejewia aurata), the Ukrainian brook lamprey (Eudontomyzon mariae), the white-finned gudgeon (Gobio albipinnatus) and the Mediterranean barbel (Barbus meridionalis), were identified, as well as specimens of species that have not have been identified in previous fishing campaigns. Concrete data and detailed information on the state of the fish population will be included in the report that will be made by the ichthyology specialist.

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