If at the beginning of the year we announced the reception by APM Gorj of the technical design, on April 9, 2021 the works for the fish passage from Târgu Cărbunești started.

The existing overflow threshold formed an artificial waterfall that the fish could not cross in their attempt to reach the upstream. In order to allow the passage of fish, it was decided to build a passage of the "ladder with vertical slots" type that includes 22 pools, properly sized for the migration of target species. In order to help the fish species to cross the area at very high flows also, on the right bank one shall setup a ramp made of rocks embedded in the concrete. The ramp will have a length of 15 m and a maximum width of 5 m.

This passage aims to restore the connectivity of the Gilort River, interrupted by the overflow threshold at the bridge on DN67B in Târgu Cărbunești. Together with the Albeni Passage, the ecological reconstruction works planned to be carried out within the Fish For Life project will restore the connectivity of the Gilort River over a 26 km sector. According to the contract, the works are expected to be completed in May 2022, but the builder is trying to complete especially the works in the riverbed this autumn.

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