Approximatively 130 students from the schools of Albeni and Pociovaliștea – Novaci took part in an event organized by the people behind the Fish for Life project, thus celebrating 30 years of existence of the LIFE Program. The competition was about creating clips about the river Gilort which is part of the Natura 2000 Site, and the wining teams would receive trekking equipment as prizes. Students from classes V to VII participated in groups of 5, all coordinated by their teachers.

The objectives of these activities were: familiarizing students with elements of the Natura 2000 Site as well as how to protect species, there was also information about the LIFE Program and the contributions of the Fish for Life Project in developing their local communities. Moreover, students will have the chance their teamworking skills and to value creatively the information gained during geography and biology classes.

Teams participating at this event will be split by a jury that consists of members of the Fish for Life project, teachers and parents. The winning students will be awarded at the beginning of June, during World Environmental Day, (on June the 5th).

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